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Foshan Fulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was identified as a high-tech enterprise
DATE:2020/6/24 11:38:53  Page view:3271

Foshan Fulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Abbreviation: Fulan Laser

In November 2018, after the relevant departments organized expert review, identification, publicity, and filing procedures, Foshan Fulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the high-tech enterprise certification and obtained the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate".



The identification of high-tech enterprises has high requirements on the company's product areas, patent results, R&D investment, growth indicators and talent structure. The acquisition of this certificate is an affirmation and recognition of the scientific research capabilities and overall technical level of the company at all levels of government, and it is also an incentive to our company. Our company will use this as an opportunity to further improve its independent innovation ability Strengthen R&D investment, improve technological innovation capabilities, improve service levels, give full play to the advantages and exemplary role of high-tech enterprises, and promote the company's good and rapid development.








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