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Foshan laser laser engraving marking processing | laser equipment rental and maintenance
DATE:2020/7/24 15:32:26  Page view:4400

In order to meet the needs of our customers, our company (Foshan Fulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd.) can undertake the following services:

1. Laser marking (ie: laser engraving, laser, laser engraving) processing;

2.Mold engraving processing: lettering, engraving, patterning, etc.;

3. Laser equipment rental: laser marking and engraving, annual rent, monthly rent, and daily rent for on-site activities;

4. Laser equipment maintenance: laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser inkjet printer, laser welding machine and other types of laser equipment repair and maintenance, and other related services.

PS: The equipment used in processing is a prototype for customers to make samples.

Laser processing services:

1. Free design, typesetting and proofing for customers until they are satisfied.

2. Professional processing, ensuring processing quality, making special fixtures. Based on the samples confirmed by both parties, if there is a marking quality problem, the economic loss will be compensated.

3. Guarantee processing time and complete processing on time and in quantity within the time limit negotiated by both parties.

4. Ensure that the price is fair and reasonable. Keep prices low among peers. You can choose the pricing method on time or by piece.

5. Customers who have been processing in our company for a long time and customers with a large amount of processing can enjoy corresponding preferential policies.








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