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Foshan Fulan Laser's high-quality service-solve your problems at any time
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Adhering to the service tenet of "survive by quality, honesty as the principle, service for efficiency, technology as the foundation, and quality for development", Foshan Fulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to improve its products and processes to bring Customers' high-quality service experience creates Zuì Dahua value for customers.

Product price guarantee

Under the same competitive conditions, our company sincerely provides to customers at Zuì preferential prices on the basis of not reducing product technical performance or changing product components.

Product quality assurance

The quality of products is our company's constant confidence and promise. The quality of Fulan Laser ranges from the purchase of raw materials to elaborate installations, and from product development, design, production, packaging, transportation to distribution. Professional members strictly monitor every production link, strictly control product quality, and pass continuous sampling, testing and tracking. And other measures to ensure that the product achieves excellent performance goals.

Delivery guarantee

When products are delivered, try to comply with customer requirements. If there are special requirements that need to be completed in advance or later, our company can specially organize production and installation to meet user needs.

our service

pre-sale service:

1. Provide technical consultation: We will provide you with professional technical and price consultation according to your needs, and mail relevant samples and product information, and give you a quick response to any questions you care about in a timely manner.

2. Provide inspection reception: We welcome you to visit the company on site anytime and anywhere, and provide you with any convenient conditions.

3. Help customers make free samples.

4. An experienced professional team designs automation system solutions that meet customer needs.


In-sale service:

1. Whether you are a foreign customer or a domestic customer, whether you are our old customer or our new friend, whether your contract amount is large or small, we will treat it with integrity, fairness, enthusiasm and rigor.

2. We guarantee punctuality, quality, and quantity to strictly implement the provisions of the contract, and provide customers with value-added services, such as installation, training, etc.

3. Assign experienced technicians to the customer site to provide customers with comprehensive installation, commissioning, operation demonstration and training, as a systematic service, which will help improve the quality of marking, reduce accidents and upgrade the whole machine The precautions, use knowledge, and maintenance common sense of the service life of the accessories and the relevant person in charge of the customer explain clearly.

4. Conduct one-to-one training operations for customers. Training method: centralized teaching, on-site operation demonstration. Until the customer's operator can operate the equipment correctly and skillfully.

5. Provide detailed technical information of the entire system and conduct technical explanations.

After-sales service:

1. Enjoy free software upgrades for life from the date of purchase and arrival;

2. You can go to the company to participate in various technical training courses for free at any time;

3. Provide technical support and spare parts;

4. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year and lifetime maintenance;

5. Point-to-point training, maintenance, fault repair, and process debugging support for technicians;

6. Establish a complete user profile, regular return visits and customer satisfaction surveys;

7. If you encounter equipment problems that you cannot solve by yourself, you can consult our company at any time. Our company is available for you 24 hours a day, and we will solve the equipment problems for you as soon as possible and minimize the loss of customer time.


Foshan Fulan Laser's high-quality service-solve your problems at any time






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