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UV laser engraving machine
UV laser engraving machine

Device model: FL-E3-3 /FL-E3-5

Laser power: 3W /5W

Laser wavelength: 355nm

Beam quality (M2): ≤1.2

Laser repetition frequency: 20~200KHz

Marking range: ≤300×300(mm)

Maximum line speed: 12000mm/s

Minimum line width: 0.01mm

Minimum character: 0.06

Cooling method: air cooling/water cooling

Power consumption of the whole machine: 700W, 900W

Electricity demand: 220V/50Hz



Feature description

1. Imported laser light source, high beam quality, small focus spot, making marking more precise and clearer;

2. The heat-affected area is small, no heat effect is generated, and the deformation or scorching of the processed material is avoided;

3. It is applicable to a wide range of materials, which solves the problems of insufficient detail and poor effect of fiber laser marking for many materials;

4. Fast marking speed and high efficiency.

Application area

Mainly used in the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, 3C industry marking, electronic components, electrical appliance shell marking, food, medicine and other polymer materials packaging bottle marking; metal or non-metal coating removal; marking of various materials, blind Groove processing; production of new ultra-thin metal foil micro-holes, etc.

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