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YAG laser welding machine
YAG laser welding machine

Device model: FL-HJ-YAG150/FL-HJ-YAG300/FL-HJ-YAG600

Laser power: 150W/300W/600W

Pulse width: 0.5-30ms

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Maximum single pulse energy: 55J/60J/100J

Fiber core diameter: 300/400/600um optional

Pump lamp: xenon lamp, single lamp/xenon lamp, dual lamp/xenon lamp, dual lamp

Aiming and positioning: with red light indicator (welding head CCD positioning)

Feedback method: energy negative feedback

Spectroscopic method: energy spectroscopy/time spectroscopy

Maximum number of light paths: 4

Cooling capacity requirements: 5KW/7.5KW/15KW

Cooling method: water cooling

Whole machine power consumption: <6KW/<12KW/

Power demand: 380V, 50/60Hz

Feature description

1. The optical fiber transmission laser welding machine has the characteristics of high single-point energy, small welding width, small thermal influence, and small deformation. It is very suitable for welding thin plates below 0.5mm;

2. Equipped with a CCD monitoring system, which can observe the welding seam effect and welding position in real time;

3. The welding seam is smooth and beautiful, without air holes, and the back of the welding place is not easy to turn yellow;

4. Capable of detection function, which can monitor laser energy and power output in real time, find abnormalities and activate protection;

5. Energy feedback function, real-time inspection of laser energy. It can effectively solve energy fluctuations caused by changes in voltage fluctuations, xenon lamp discharge differences, xenon lamp aging, water flow, water temperature and other factors (energy feedback and current feedback are optional);

6. The equipment can be set with 32 sets of different welding process parameters to meet different welding requirements;

7. The power supply has an automatic shutter control function, which can realize multi-head laser welding of time and energy (optional);

8. It can meet welding requirements such as spot welding, tailor welding, stitch welding, and sealing welding;

9. There are consumables in the later stage (lamps need to be replaced every 4 months or so).

Note: The shape and performance of the machine can be designed according to the actual situation and requirements of the customer, and the welding machine, special fixture and laser automation integration (non-standard machine) can be customized for the customer. There are no fixed models for non-standard machines. All styles are based on meeting customer requirements and then make corresponding changes.

Application area

Mainly used for welding thin metal plates below 0.5mm. Such as: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, aluminum, gold, silver and other metals in the industries of electronic components, lithium batteries, medical equipment, mobile phone communications, glasses and watches, welding of the same material and welding of some dissimilar materials.

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