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Laser welding machine
Laser welding machine

Special customized laser welding machine equipment. The core components of the equipment are independently developed and produced by the Fulland Laser design team. Other main components are designed according to the actual situation and requirements of the customer to design the shape and performance of the machine.

Feature description

1. High welding seam quality: the products welded by laser welding machine are smooth and beautiful, without pores.

2. Equipped with a CCD monitoring system, which can observe the welding seam effect and welding position in real time;

3. It can be welded under special conditions.

4. Fast welding speed.

5. Strong flexibility: different waveforms can be set to match welding parameters and welding requirements to achieve excellent welding results.

6. Good toughness after welding.

7. Simple operation: The operator only needs to control the computer software to drive the laser welding machine, which can complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, superimposition welding, sealing welding, or for complex plane straight lines, arcs and arbitrary Track welding.

8. Environmental protection: non-contact coding, no consumables, no pollution, no harmful substances.

Note: The shape and performance of the machine can be designed according to the actual situation and requirements of the customer, and the welding machine, special fixture and laser automation integration (non-standard machine) can be customized for the customer. There are no fixed models for non-standard machines. All styles are based on meeting customer requirements and then make corresponding changes.

Application area

Mainly used for welding of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, aluminum, gold, silver and other metals, welding of the same material and welding of some dissimilar materials

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