Three in one hand-held laser cleaning, welding and cutting machine
Three in one hand-held laser cleaning, welding and cutting machine

Model: FL-HJ1500

Optical fiber interface: QBH

Wavelength range: 1070 ± 20nm

Rated power: ≤ 3000W

Collimating focal length: 50mm

Focus length: 150mm

Focus adjustment range: - 10mm ~+10mm

Spot adjustment range: 0 ~ 5mm

Auxiliary air pressure: ≤ 1Mpa

Hand weight: 0.72Kg

(Note: support customization, customize different specifications and parameters according to the actual needs of customers)

Feature description

1. Three in one control system, flexible switching of welding, cleaning and cutting. One equipment replaces the original three, giving consideration to efficiency and quality, with powerful functions;

2. All parameters are visible, and the whole machine status is monitored in real time to avoid problems in advance, facilitate troubleshooting and solve problems, and ensure the stable operation of the system;

3. The system operation panel (referred to as "HMI") adopts a 7-inch TFT touch screen with beautiful interface and convenient operation;

4. Process parameters can be set, and various process effects can be flexibly tried;

5. Stable parameters and high repeatability: the laser power is stable and the process parameters can be repeated, greatly improving the efficiency;

6. The laser head is light and easy to operate;

7. Easy to move, suitable for welding in various occasions;

8. Multiple security alarms are set, which is easy and flexible to operate.

Application area

Mainly used for welding of various metal materials; Cleaning and derusting of oxides and pollutants on the surface of metal and some non-metallic materials; Cutting of various metal and non-metal materials.

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